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[D3] No Beta for You!

March 28, 2012

“Oh com’on!”

Like so many other desperate fans of Diablo, I’ve been running through the hurdles trying to win a beta key to preview the game.  I’ve been signing up for just about every Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube contest I come across.  Sadly, I’ve not received a beta key.  What a frustrating experience!

Not to be bitter, but I do wonder if Blizzard’s handling of beta access is poor.  They’ve handed out thousands of beta keys to game magazines and fan sites, which is a good reward to all the free marketing they get out of them.  However, because each respective site can choose how they award the keys, some have you running through a gauntlet of liking and sharing links all over the place.  And me, like some addict who’s relapsing after 15 years of putting down the Diablo 2 crack pipe, I jumping through every last hoop!  It’s just an awful experience, and I wonder does it reflect back negatively on Blizzard?

Anyway, I need to take a long look at myself in the mirror.  Do I even recognize this person any more?  I’m better than this!  I can change!  I WILL NOT LET THIS CONSUME ME!

…but um, seriously if anybody has a spare Diable 3 beta key, could you send it my way. 😉


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