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[D3] Beta Netbook Performance

March 31, 2012

I was hoping that my HP DM1 Netbook was going to able to handle Diablo 3, but it’s not looking good. Here are the computer’s specs:

AMD E-450 CPU @ 1.65GHz
Integrated AMD Radeon 6320 GPU
500GB 7200rpm
Windows 7 64-Bit (Clean Install)

First off, loading up the game gives you a warning that your drivers may be out of date or unsupported! Yikes! However, you can still load up the game. Here are the settings I used for the game options:

Resolution: 1366×768
Vertical Sync: True
Max Foreground FPS: 30
Max Background FPS: 1
Texture Quality: Low
Shadow Quality: Off
Physics: Low
Clutter Density: Off
Anti-Aliasing: False
Low FX: True

With these settings I was getting between 15 – 21 fps, and usually at the lower end when in combat. Unfortunately, this not exactly playable. Hopefully, Blizzard will add more options to get the game performing on lesser computers, but I’m not going to count on it.


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