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Okay, about me.  Where’s that book now? “How to be Witty in Your About Section”, hmm…

I’m a gamer, musician, dad, and web developer in my mid-30s.  Ever since the Commodore 64, I’ve been a gamer.  Now, with spare time a luxury I don’t get to game as much as I use to, but I still love the medium and get just excited by upcoming titles like I did as a kid.

So, like everyone else on the internet, I’ve got an opinion and thought I’d turn to blogging… the difference is mine is correct, no no really, I’ve got it right this time!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and share with me your thoughts and opinions on the games we love.

Oh and if you didn’t noticed already, I hold many actions movies in high regard.  “Is this going to be a stand up fight or just another bug hunt?”


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